(Ages 3-6) - Kids are able to be taught the beginner cycle of martial arts in a fun and safe manner. We focus on all areas in teaching young children, a crucial aspect when for young students. We aim to build discipline, co-ordination, enthusiasm and listening skills. It is important that we teach our children to love and enjoy martial arts here at the academy. Our curriculum follows a unique stripe and belt ranking system to help motivate them and teach them how to set goals and achieve it. for success in the youth program ahead.

What parents LOVE about our junior program:

Lead by quality instructors

Success culture - We build students up by character development

Life skills that your child will use everyday and everywhere

FUN and SAFE environment to learn

The junior program includes:

Academy Uniform 


All Gradings

Discounts for Family & Friends



(Ages 7-13) - Students are more independent and engaged in taking further steps into the program. While we still keep it nice and playful, our instructors are able to increase the workload and curriculum. Authentic and innovative, we challenge our students to stay on their toes and continue to build successful habits in and outside the academy. Whether a beginner or experienced, this program will build our students to prepare them for their black belt cycle.

What parents LOVE about our youth program:

Low student to instructor ratio: Advanced students keep learning!

No Ego Zone - We train as a team and benefit from each other

Life skills that your child will use frequently at school and home

FUN and SAFE environment to mature in

The youth program includes:

Academy Uniform 

Belt / Sash

All Gradings

Karate & Kali Class


Discounts for Family & Friends



(Ages 14 & Up) - This is the class that keeps it's doors open to both beginners and long time students. In this program, we are able to go into deep context and really break down the arts we teach. Maturity in adults is not difficult to find, so at this point all the other programs that were modified to be suitable to children, are now taught at it's full capacity. You set your goals and we're here to help you achieve it.

What members LOVE about our adult program:

In depth lessons from hands on training

 Team environment - family oriented setting

Life skills that you can use at work, home or school

 All levels of experience are welcome!

The adult program includes:

Academy Uniform 

Belt / Sash

Karate, Kali & Conditioning Class


Discounts for Family & Friends



To start your martial arts journey, we provide a FREE 1 Week introductory trial to get you started on the right foot. This helps us to ensure our students get the most out of our programs and allows the student to try a commitment-free class before signing up. We use this trial period to identify the individual needs and interests of each student to help them benefit and enjoy their time at the academy.

Brampton Martial Arts for kids and adults. Union Martial Arts in Brampton
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