Filipino Kickboxing, sometimes referred to as yaw-yan is a similar art to that of Muay Thai or Thai Boxing, finding differences in power generation and striking methods. It is a combination of hand and leg attacks that are emphasized with cutting motions. Throughout the years it can be found being used for competition and fitness. Aspects of the weapon art: kali, are integrated in the movements which have become a modern method of taking part of the enriched Filipino combat culture.



Light warmup with stretches

In depth lessons on various techniques

 Combat theory and application

Heavy bag and focus mitt drills

 Aerobic and anerobic workouts

Full body conditioning



Towel - Be prepared to sweat and push yourself! You'll probably need one!

 Water - Stay hydrated throughout class, trust us you'll need it!

Clothing - If it's your first time please dress comfy, athletic wear is strongly recommended - Yoga Pants or Shorts work very well. Otherwise, appropriate uniform at all times.

Training Gear - If it's your first time, don't worry your class will cater to you if you don't have. As you join the program you will need boxing gloves, handwraps & shin guards that can all be provided by us.


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