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A Generation That Deserves Nothing But..

Today's generation is an interesting group to say the least. Technology surrounds them more than ever, more options and utilities at their disposal. The downfall is that many people feel deserving of success, or entitled to XYZ. It boils down to a simple question, did you work for it? If you didn't then the answer is no. If the answer is yes, how hard did you work? As martial arts instructors we teach the same concept to our students. You don't earn a belt because you show up for so many years. You don't get more flexible if you don't stretch and you definitely will not get better if you don't train hard. We constantly preach that we deserve nothing, this world is a big place and we have no

An Instructor's Obligation

In the martial art's world, you will find plenty of cult-driven schools and organizations. I urge you to pay close attention to the instructors or "higher ups" of the school or organization. At the end of the day, martial arts is a service. Students are enrolled to LEARN martial arts and the morals that come with it THROUGH martial arts. If you wanted to learn discipline by mopping floors, then you should not be in a martial arts program. Many instructors use the old "to get your black belt" trick to get students to do their dirty work ie) mop floors, clean up, teach little kids or classes they just don't feel like doing. Unless you are legally employed by them, you by any means are not obli

Martial Arts Creates Leaders

Martial Arts nowadays can be seen to the public as glorified competition, a means of luxury and fame and plenty of other things that take away the essence of what we stand for. Martial arts as cliche as it may be; bring more development to spiritual, emotional and mental aspects of life, as suppose to physical. Remember, it is not the strongest nor the fastest that prevails, but rather the wisest. The essence of martial arts is teaching an individual to believe in their potential, to understand the world and be patient with all that they can not control. In reality, we teach that the only thing you will ever completely control is - yourself. These are the leaders of tomorrow, those confident

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