Kuntao Karate: 3rd Degree Black Belt/Guro

 Kali: 3rd Degree Black Sash/Guro
● Union Martial Arts Head Instructor & Founder

Strength & Conditioning Coach

 WBTM Global Technical Council Officer

 World Bais Tres Manos Director - Eastern Canada


Guro Mark is the youngest of 5 global technical council members overseeing the development and maintenance of the World Bais Tres Manos (WBTM) curriculum. Guro Mark is the head instructor of Union Martial Arts and also the youngest head instructor in the World Bais Tres Manos Federation. Although a former national champion and coach for Union Martial Arts' competitive team, Mark emphasizes the discipline and hard work in the gym is far more valuable than a trophy. With his fitness experience, he combines it with his knowledge in martial arts and is a leader in developing new techniques and drills to teach through his life passion to others.

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