Kuntao Karate: 8th Degree Black Belt/Datu (Sr. Master)

 Kali: 8th Degree Red Sash/Datu (Sr. Master)
 Union Martial Arts Instructor

 WBTM Global Vice President

 World Bais Tres Manos Director - Canada 

 2012 AMA Magazine - Hall of Honours Inductee (NJ, USA)

Rollie is one of few elite masters of Bais Tres Manos and right hand to the Grandmaster of World Bais Tres Manos system. He brings with him over 30 years of experience as a former director of Saudi Arabia and as a Navy Special Forces Combat Instructor. With his dedication, he has earned a reputation as one a true martial arts master. Rollie is a pioneer and authentic teacher in Filipino martial arts and is one of the main reasons Union Martial Arts exists today.


Rollie oversees all senior members globally and is the Vice President of World Bais Tres Manos Federation. You can catch him at the gym helping out during the peak hours of operation.

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