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The Secret to Success

What is the number one reason someone quits? They don't see it through. "Rome wasn't built in a day" and neither were you, nor were you intended to be. This is applicable to anything, name an occupation and research those who are successful in it. They all have one thing in common..

Brampton Martial Arts

They never quit.

Naturally, life will give you 100 reasons to give up without even trying. It feeds off of fear of the unknown and failure. Nobody likes to lose, that's just the way we are. But the way you define a loss is what makes you successful. If there's one thing that martial arts has taught me is that no one can ever define my life except for myself. So I can either take a "loss" and sulk in my sorrow, or I can use it as motivation to learn and improve, set a goal and achieve it. A very wise man told me success is driven by four things: Motivation, Innovation, Desperation and a little (or a lot) of Perspiration. With this in mind, I let nothing stop me from achieving my goal and being the hardest worker in the room. If that room so happens to be the entire planet then so be it. Excuses are just a softer way of saying I don't care enough to fulfill my goals. So remember, time waits for no man and the time is now. Your first step to tomorrow doesn't have to make you an overnight celebrity, it just has to be real. As Grandmaster Jon Bais taught me "There is no secret to martial arts, no unbeatable move and no unbeatable person. The only secret is to train hard."

- Guro Mark

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