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An Instructor's Obligation

In the martial art's world, you will find plenty of cult-driven schools and organizations. I urge you to pay close attention to the instructors or "higher ups" of the school or organization. At the end of the day, martial arts is a service. Students are enrolled to LEARN martial arts and the morals that come with it THROUGH martial arts. If you wanted to learn discipline by mopping floors, then you should not be in a martial arts program. Many instructors use the old "to get your black belt" trick to get students to do their dirty work ie) mop floors, clean up, teach little kids or classes they just don't feel like doing. Unless you are legally employed by them, you by any means are not obligated to run their business for them, while paying them for their service... and if you think that kissing the ground they walk on by doing their chores will put you in a better position for your next black belt degree then you are in the worst gym possible. We create leaders, not lackeys or drones. We encourage self determination and ambition. So to all students in martial arts, parents and friendly spectators. The next time you or your child goes to martial arts class, see to it that the instructor you/they report to leads by example, not by fame or status. Grandmaster, Master, Instructor and all the way down to beginner, we are all humans. The respect you show is in the martial arts world and there is no room for dirty dishes in our curriculum.

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