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A Generation That Deserves Nothing But..

Today's generation is an interesting group to say the least. Technology surrounds them more than ever, more options and utilities at their disposal. The downfall is that many people feel deserving of success, or entitled to XYZ. It boils down to a simple question, did you work for it? If you didn't then the answer is no. If the answer is yes, how hard did you work? As martial arts instructors we teach the same concept to our students. You don't earn a belt because you show up for so many years. You don't get more flexible if you don't stretch and you definitely will not get better if you don't train hard. We constantly preach that we deserve nothing, this world is a big place and we have no greater importance than the next person. So who are we to say I deserve this and that? What gives us such a sense of entitlement? The road may not always be pretty, but if achieving a certain goal requires you to have some bumps and bruises then why avoid it? The goal is a form of your true happiness, otherwise you wouldn't do it to begin with. For every second wasted on contemplating about the road, someone else takes a step ahead of you.

We are a generation that deserves nothing, but must earn everything.

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