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How To Be A Good Martial Arts Parent

Imagine this:

  • You’ve been driving your kids to Karate class, tournaments and seminars for years.

  • You’ve spent quite an amount of money on uniforms, belts, gradings and equipment.

  • You’ve invested hundreds of hours to relentlessly push your kids to the limit.

Then one day…


They quit.

Just like that.

What in the world....

You try to convince them that they've come too far to quit and every ounce in you is hoping that they'll reconsider. But nothing works. So, naturally.. you start to blame

yourself. Asking yourself if you're a good parent, did you buy them the right gear or maybe you should've brought them to more classes.

Press the brakes!!

Remember the number one thing in kids investing into anything is they need to........... Have fun!

It's not about the trophies, the awards and certificates.

In our years as martial arts instructors and coaches, growing up in a martial arts family myself, I’ve witnessed too many talented kids get their enthusiasm burnt out by well-meaning parents who unknowingly treat their kids as soldiers in a battle of parental glory.

According to psychological research, there are scientifically proven phrases that parents can use with their kids to ensure they stay motivated and super happy with their performance – no matter if they’re playing piano, shooting hoops or kicking butt.

The top three statements moms/dads can make as their kids perform are:

Before Performance

  • “Have fun.”

  • “Do your best.”

  • “I love you.”

After Performance

  • “Did you have fun?”

  • “I’m proud of you.”

  • “I love you."

Wait? There's more? Tell me please!

Fear not, we got you covered. We found a magical 6 worded phrase that will help your child succeed with joy, ready? Here it goes..

"I love to watch you practice.”

That’s it. Nothing boastful like “you’re the champ,” or discouraging like “try harder”. Not even a deceptively supporting “here’s a couple of things you can improve.” Just…“I love to watch you practice!” Simple, elegant and incredibly powerful.

This 6-word phrase, dear Martial Arts parents, is one of the most effective ways on ensuring your kids will love to practice for years to come – with grades, belts, accolades and trophies acting as natural byproducts – not goals. The only thing your kids really want is your undivided attention and approval anyway... So give it to them.

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