Women Protection Course


Our curriculum is created by taking our knowledge in applying Filipino Martial Arts to realistic circumstances. Much like when we teach Law Enforcement, we get straight to the point with simple & effective moves to protect one's life. 


Our program is meant to have fewer moves than our original curriculum, but allowing women to walk away with confidence in their skill set. We emphasize protection rather than defending. In our eyes, if you are defending you have already allowed your attacker to get in range to physically hurt you. At Union Martial Arts, we teach our women in this course to learn to be assertive without being threatening. We teach behaviour of potential threats, realism and proactive instincts.

The most important part is that we DO NOT SUGARCOAT reality. We know the difference between competition, study of the art & realistic application!

Realistic Application

Build Confidence to Protect

 Simple & Effective

Empowering ALL women!


What You Will Need:

Towel - Be prepared to sweat, sweat and sweat some more, so you'll probably need one!

 Water - Stay hydrated throughout class, trust us you'll need it!

Clothing - Dress comfy, athletic wear is strongly recommended - Yoga Pants or Shorts work very well.

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