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Union Martial Arts was founded in 2013 by Maestro Mark Anastacio. Once four walls and mats, the academy has become a home away from home for our community. We developed our curriculum to ensure every member can achieve and perform at their highest potential. Our team is proudly responsible for building confidence. Our world class instructors manifest our goals by leading our students through confidence, discipline, self-defence, honour and integrity

What makes our academy different is our commitment to our students. We invest our time into getting to know each student in every program to give them the best martial arts experience possible.

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Brampton Martial Arts, Karate, Kickboxing, MMA



 Kuntao Karate: 6th Degree Red-White-Blue Belt/Maestro

 Kali: 6th Degree Black Sash/Maestro
● Union Martial Arts Head Instructor & Founder

 Anastacio Kali Association - Founder

 World Bais Tres Manos Board of Directors - Chairman

Brampton Martial Arts, Karate, Kickboxing, MMA


Mark is the head instructor and founder of Union Martial Arts and also the youngest maestro (Master) in the World Bais Tres Manos Federation. Mark emphasizes the discipline and hard work in the gym is far more valuable than a trophy. With his high level of experience, he combines his knowledge in martial arts and teaching ability to deliver results to all his students. Mark is an innovator in developing new teaching methods and drills to teach through his life passion to others.




 Kuntao Karate: 5th Degree Black Belt/Mataas Ng Guro

 Kali: 5th Degree Black Sash/Mataas Ng Guro
 Union Martial Arts Instructor

 World Bais Tres Manos Director

Brampton Martial Arts, Karate, Kickboxing, MMA

Sam Descargar has been a practitioner for his entire life, he is an instructor for Kuntao Karate and Kali. A martial arts senior and veteran competitor, Sam's experience has brought him to be a two-time National Champion, uncontested in Kali. His technical skills are polished through his upbringing even prior to Union Martial Arts being founded. Through his passion he also coaches Union Martial Arts' competitive team and serves as a model to students.

Aside from his work outside of the gym, you can find Sam at the gym helping Maestro Mark or taking part in some of our adult classes

Brampton Martial Arts, Karate, Kickboxing, MMA
Brampton Martial Arts, Karate, Kickboxing, MMA



 Kuntao Karate: 11th Degree Red Belt/Grandmaestro

 Kali: 11th Degree Red Sash/Grandmaestro
 Union Martial Arts Instructor

 WBTM Global President

 2012 AMA Magazine - Hall of Honours Inductee (NJ, USA)

Brampton Martial Arts, Karate, Kickboxing, MMA

Rollie is one of few elite grandmasters of Bais Tres Manos and right hand to Grandmaestro (Grandmaster) Jon Bais, head of the system. He brings with him countless years of experience as a former director of Saudi Arabia and as a Navy Special Forces Combat Instructor. With his dedication, he has earned a reputation as one a true martial arts master. Rollie is a pioneer and authentic teacher in Filipino martial arts and is one of the main reasons Union Martial Arts exists today.


Rollie oversees all senior members globally and is the President of World Bais Tres Manos Federation. You can catch him at the gym helping out or during seminars & events.




 Kuntao Karate: 2nd Degree Black Belt/Guro

 Kali: 2nd Degree Black Sash/Guro
 Union Martial Arts Instructor

● Anastacio Kali Certified Instructor

Tyrone is part of the very few students to train under Maestro Mark since the beginning of the academy. Through his attention to detail, Tyrone demonstrates a great work ethic for students to be inspired by. Respectful and caring, Tyrone is a refined leader on the mats for all our members.

Brampton Martial Art



 Kuntao Karate: 1st Degree Black Belt/Tagapagturo

 Kali: 2nd Degree Black Sash/Guro
 Union Martial Arts Instructor

 Anastacio Kali Certified Instructor


Anil has been one of the original students of Union Martial Arts. Anil also was one of two students to be the first promoted to black belt & sash under Maestro Mark Anastacio. Calculated, composed and is a great teacher to all our members.




 Kuntao Karate: Brown Belt

 Kali: Brown Sash
 Union Martial Arts Assistant Instructor


Raven Frianeza is a leader of the new generation of Union students. She is the epitome of hard work, commitment and passion on the mats. Primed to become the first female black belt and instructor in Union Martial Arts history, she shares her experience with all our youth students to inspire and guide them to success.