Kuntao is a generic term used in much of Southeast Asia to designate martial arts of Chinese origin, the term deriving from the Fujian Chinese (Hokkienese) words for "fist" (kun) and way or method (tao). There are countless versions of Kuntao throughout the world. Our academy approach incorporates traditional and authentic Filipino Martial Arts, Shotokan Karate & Kickboxing Using various hand and leg movements for both offense and defense, Kuntao employs a practitioner to develop all aspects of the body.

Class is taught according to skill level and age. Union Martial Arts instructors are trained to teach, educate and inspire all students in a manner that is best suited for them.



Kali (otherwise known as Arnis or Escrima) is the systematic art of Filipino combat fighting is based on the scientific strategy and tactics. It is a complete form of fighting ability and methods which utilizes various weapons such as the sword, knife, stick, and empty hand techniques (Panantukan, Pangamot, Dumog etc.) 

Our specific curriculum follows the guideline of Anastacio Kali Association. We are a direct affiliate and descendant of the Bais Tres Manos System. Our curriculum emphasizes structure in progressive learning and on the realistic approach to self defense. It is also heavily influenced with techniques from the Indonesian art called Silat.


Kali focuses at the point that it is a system, not a style. Whether armed or unarmed, students in various situations learn the effectiveness of adapting to your environment. Various topics that are covered in the program will help a student develop aspects such as tactical reflexes, hand eye co-ordination and situational awareness.





Our striking and grappling classes emphasizes an extension of certain aspects of martial arts. Influences in other arts such as boxing and Brazilian Jiu-Jitsu find it's home in our curriculum through these classes. We are innovators in our craft and continue to evolve our classes to ensure our students train in all necessary areas of self defense and sport. These classes encourage and help maintain an open mind to the martial arts community and understand the necessity of being an all around martial artist. Through our foundation in our fundamental kuntao (karate) and kali classes, our students can expand their knowledge and skill set here.



 Light warmup with stretches

 In depth lessons on functional movement

 Technical partner drills

 In depth lessons on body mechanics

✓ Combat theory and application

 Self-Defense & Conditioning

 Fun, energetic lessons!


Towel - Be prepared to sweat, it gets hot in those uniforms at times so you'll probably need one!

 Water - Stay hydrated throughout class, trust us you'll need it!

Clothing - If it's your first time please dress comfy, athletic wear is strongly recommended -

Yoga Pants or Shorts work very well. Otherwise, appropriate uniform at all times.