July 06, 2020


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Academy Members - if you are returning to in-house training. Please have this form filled out and sent back to the academy prior to your first class back!

July 06, 2020


Resilience & Determination! We welcome back our community to our academy both online and in-house. Join in our world class lessons and still have a peace of mind! 


Free Uniform

Kali Sticks

Two Months of Unlimited Online Classes

In-House Discounts When Applicable


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Our philosophy of self-development and commitment doesn’t end when the academy closes.

Hearing from our community of students and their families helps us to improve the Union Martial Arts experience and celebrate the difference we have been able to create.



Mark is an exceptional young man dedicated to his craft. My brother has been attending Union Martial Arts for only a few months but I've already seen a drastic improvement not only in his self defense but self confidence. This is the only place in the GTA that teaches Kali (as far as I know). Kali is tailored martial arts for the real world environment and incorporates weapons disarming and training. We picked Union Martial Arts specifically for Kali but our membership allows us to participate in Kickboxing and sparring. Anybody looking to learn practical self defense fit for the real world should definitely take advantage of the opportunity.

Ali A.


UMA has the best instructors and a great class environment! Kali and Kuntao is very practical as the techniques we learn don't depend on our strength, so anyone can learn how to defend themselves effectively against opponents of any size or experience. I'd highly recommend it for women looking to get into martial arts! The kickboxing is also great for building power, gaining confidence, and just having fun! Maestro Mark is also an exceptional teacher that teaches us multiple ways to execute a technique, gives mini history lessons on the art, and tells us insightful principles about fight psychology. He takes the time to get to know each of his students very well, teaches according to our strengths and weaknesses, and gives everyone a well-rounded education. He also makes sure we have fun while learning and there's never a dull moment in class. I'd definitely recommend taking a class!

Sofia B.


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Very authentic school. Instructors teach in detail and care for everyone in class very diligently. Great environment and staff. Would highly recommend to take a class!

James C.


I highly recommend UMA to anyone interested in martial arts. They offer 3 classes: kali, kuntao, and kickboxing and I recommend trying all of them to see which one(s) you like best. Training in all 3 provides a well-rounded approach to fighting which is the best option in my opinion. Overall it's a great place to learn from instructors who are very knowledgable in Filipino martial arts. It has a welcoming and friendly environment for all ages and skill levels. Maestro Mark is an excellent teacher who's able to break down concepts and make them easier to understand. He also tailors his teaching methods to best meet a student's style of learning which is not always easy to find in an instructor.

Shari B.


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