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How To Be A Good Martial Arts Parent

Imagine this: You’ve been driving your kids to Karate class, tournaments and seminars for years. You’ve spent quite an amount of money on uniforms, belts, gradings and equipment. You’ve invested hundreds of hours to relentlessly push your kids to the limit. Then one day… BANG! They quit. Just like that. What in the world.... You try to convince them that they've come too far to quit and every ounce in you is hoping that they'll reconsider. But nothing works. So, naturally.. you start to blame yourself. Asking yourself if you're a good parent, did you buy them the right gear or maybe you should've brought them to more classes. Press the brakes!! Remember the number one thing in kids investing

2017 Resolution That Should've Began Last Year

Happy Holidays to all martial arts enthusiasts, brothers and sisters in arts. With the new year in play, certainly comes a new slate? If you answer yes, I believe you're wrong. You are the same person, same history, same skill set. Take what you have and build, there is only one known lifespan on this planet so look forward to the present. Your New Year's resolution should be a decision on January 1st, anything after of before is a resolution for THAT day. Never let procrastination stop you from achieving your goals now. You are in control of your life, so next time you feel negativity towards something, act.. and act swiftly. As martial artists, we embark on a life long journey. On this jou

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